Prelude and Fugue in Faith — Prologue

“Prelude and Fugue in Faith” began as a love-letter to my family and friends who were horrified to discover that I was becoming a Catholic. It started out as a simple explanation of how I came to fall in love with the Church. And then I thought, maybe I ought to explain how I overcame some of the theological differences, because I know my friends will be asking questions… and then it grew to cover some of my thoughts and prayers of thanksgiving since my Confirmation. I am pleased to be able to begin to present it now, here in this blog, and I hope it is a blessing and an encouragement to you.


Imagine that you discover a diamond mine, no ordinary diamond mine but an extraordinary one, an inexhaustible one: the more you dig, the more there is left to discover; the more you share with others, the more you have for yourself. So it has been with my discovery of Catholicism. The beauty and spiritual richness of this ancient Church, established by Christ Himself, is the inexhaustible mine of wisdom, spiritual riches, and blessing from God. I share my story in hopes that it will invite you to come and share in His bounty, too.

At the very least, I hope my story will relieve the worries of my friends and family who fear for the safety of my soul since my decision to convert. The late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said that not one hundred people in America hate what the Catholic Church is, but millions of Americans hate what they mistakenly believe she is. I pray both that this effort will bring you increased peace of mind about this decision I have made, and also that, as you read it, you will find many misconceptions about the Church corrected, leaving you with a kinder and friendlier regard to this ancient and truly Christian Church.

Of course, if you want to come collect some diamonds…

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