2 thoughts on “Keep the Kleenex handy!

  1. Maybe I’m getting pathetically emotional in my old age, but you were right about those Kleenexes… that’s a very very nice site. I especially liked the one where he’s being hugged at the gate and they tell him “Welcome home, Karol”. 🙂 Love, Victoria

  2. Victoria, I DO NOT CRY… and I was bawling like a baby looking at those cartoons. The one that got me going worst was the one of him kissing the “ground” at the gates of Heaven; reminded me of how he kissed the ground when he returned to Poland — his other home — after being elected Pope. It just fit to think of him kissing the ground at the gates of his Final Home. And of course… I’m getting dewey-eyed just remembering it… sigh, blush

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