I’m told I ought to post something to this blog every day. Well here it is: Something.

Less than ten days of classes until final exams — then graduation on June 4; a friend arrives for a visit on June 3 (what a week-end!) and then off to my homeplace for the summer.

I call the homeplace “The Funny Farm,” and that’s not just a reflection of how I view my own mental health; it’s what it was, in the days when I had chickens and a couple of goats and a pitiful attempt at a garden (the okra was good, but not enough corn, and bermuda grass overtook everything). The animals made it a farm, and they were always entertaining in one way or another.

It’s not a fancy place — I live in a single-wide mobile home that desparately needs roof work situated on four and a quarter acres I doubt I’ll ever get cleaned up — but I love it. It’s quiet and peaceful, and I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and look out the window to see deer ambling through my front yard. I keep the air conditioner off during the summer — I say to keep the power bills down, and that’s true, but more than that I love the feel and smell of fresh air even when we are sweltering under 90+ degree temperatures and 100% humidity. I bellyache about the heat all summer long, but I also feel a little superior to people who reach on the first warm day of spring to turn on the air conditioning.

This summer I’ll have quite a lot of school work to do in preparation for next year, but I’m also looking forward to time to write — both tasks assisted by my “mewses,” Precious and Bubba, one on my lap and the other on the back of the love seat or lying across my work at the desk. I’m looking forward to time with friends, and time to worship at my home parish. I’ll be making some short day trips and overnight trips to visit friends out of town, including a few friends from the Catholic Online forum who live within a four or so hour drive. That will be one great treat!

Hopefully I’ll be bettered and enriched during the weeks at home so that when I open my mouth (or punch thoughts out on keys) something worthwhile comes out.

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