The First Ever Belmont COLleague Gathering

Y’all notice on my list of web sites I visit daily a little item called Catholic Online? Well, don’t be misled: I actually visit that post at least three times a day, and usually more often. I’ve been registered and participating since February, 2001, and it’s been one of the most influential websites I’ve ever encountered.
Today a group of COLleagues from the Charlotte area met at Belmont Abbey for Mass and Mid-Day prayer at the basilica, then remained for lunch and fellowship. Several of us were able to stay longer for a tour of the abbey. From left to right, in front, are Linda and Alexis, and in back, Brother Michael (Guest Master for the Abbey), Frances, Kat and Kevin. I’m behind the camera, where I intend to stay for a while! It was a wonderful day, spiritually enriching from the Mass and the Mid-day prayers, but you’ve got to appreciate what a joy it was to put faces and voices with people I’ve been in contact with in the forum for — Frances and I first “met” more than three years ago, before she moved to NC. This is definitely something I’m going to encourage other COLleagues to do in their own regions.
Who knows? Maybe we’ll have a larger get-together before long, and then a national gathering…?

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