Great News from my friend, Catalinni!

She give me permission to share her email with everyone:

As you know I had my last chemo treatment at the end of June. Today I was given a clean bill of health from the oncologist. The cat scan I had last week shows that everything is back to normal. All the blood counts are normal too. He said “see you in 3 months”.

I am over the moon.

It doesn’t necessarily mean those sneaky little shmoos aren’t lurking around inside somewhere, it just means they are sleeping for now. Hopefully they will sleep for a long, long time.

It seems if it isn’t one end it’s the other. They get me comin’ and goin’! Tomorrow I am having two molars surgically removed, to the tune of $800 bucks. Highway robbery! A few days of pain and fasting, and then I will be as good as new. After what I have been through in the past 5 years, this should be a walk in the park.

On September 9th at 4: pm I will be travelling East with my niece for her brother’s wedding in Toronto. Livi can only stay ten days, but I got a one-way ticket. That way I can stay and visit til they get tired of me, or I get tired of them, whichever comes first.

I plan to move around and visit with different families and friends. And there are lots of them. So I don’t want to tie myself to a deadline.

When I’ve done all I want to do I will come home. Might even sneak a weekend in New York City if I can get travel insurance. If you’re over 70 and have a pre-existing condition it is next to impossible.

That was my short term goal – to get to Toronto. My long term goal is to be here for the 2010 Winter Olympics here in Vancouver.

Isn’t she something else!

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