A new feature

If you’ll kindly look to the right-hand side of this page to the sidebar there, you’ll notice that, under my photo and the Contributors list, there’s a new little section for prayer requests. I am always so surprised by the number of people who look in on this blog, and the amazing range of locations you all originate from, I thought you could help me pray for some people I care about who are in need of a bit extra support just now.

Bill and Ed are both recovering from their respective surgeries. I’ve talked with both, and they are mending despite physical discomfort; however, that physical discomfort can be extreme.

Mary Ann has an appointment at Duke coming up. She is on her second round of chemo — sooner than she was supposed to have been because the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes. The chemo has made her very ill, and the medication that is supposed to counter the illness has not been effective… all in all, her local doctor is at the limits of his expertise and is sending her to Duke.

Thanks to Randy for setting this up for me, thanks to you all for your prayers for my friends. If you would like for me to post a need, you are welcome to email me at laura.lowder@gmail.com; please put “Blog” somewhere in your subject bar.

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