I seem to be fading FAST

Okay — I’m getting a message that my problem is an error with my display driver. It’s getting harder and harder to do what I need to do on the computer — in fact, tonight I had to connect the monitor from my pc (which is in the shop with a hardware problem) because I can’t get any image to show up on my laptop screen.

This is terribly frustrating, because I’m very dependent on my computer, with one down and the other acting as if it’s on its last leg… PLUS… on the recommendation of a friend who wanted, at the time, to be able to webcam and Skype with me from the Funny Farm as we had grown accustomed to doing from Raleigh, I recently got connected with a DSL server and I HATE to pay for service I can’t use and if I cancel the DSL I have to pay a $100 penalty on TOP of the $200 or so I had to pay for equipment just a couple months ago… (and we never DID webcam or Skype… go figure! Ya spend the big bucks to make the fellers happy, and what do they do but change their minds! Sheesh!)

So here I am… trying to use Yahoo Instant Messenger tonight and all I could see on my end was cybernetic salad, funny lines in the typing screen —

So I’m going to try running my System Restore disk now on the recommendation of another friend.. Fingers crossed!
Weird, weird, weird. And exceedingly frustrating!

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