Update on prayer requests

I thought you might like to know what’s going on with the people in my prayer request list, to the right, there.

I’ve taken Bill off — he’s still uncomfortable, but he’s weaning himself off the heavy-duty pain meds, walking — very excited about the Astros making it to the World Series. I’m sure he’d be glad for continuing prayers, but I think the worst of the crunch has passed.

Ed’s mending, still having to be very cautious and treat that knee with lots of TLC. Last word I got from him, he’s hobbling about with a walker; the cane allows too much weight and stress on it.

Mary Ann hasn’t sent me a more recent update since her trip to Duke, but she’s got a long fight ahead of her. The chemo wasn’t as effective as it should have been, and the medicine she was taking to counteract the sickness from the chemo wasn’t working at all. Still she’s up early every morning, sending her email friends wonderful meditations. Let me know if you’d like me to forward some to you.

Then there is Elwood, who is dad of my buddy Steve; Elwood is having a growth removed on Monday, and having formerly had cancer this is kind of distressing for him and for his family.

Baby Abi is the most recent addition to my prayer list. She’s a newborn, and some of her tests from the heel-sticking medical people do to new babies came back abnormal. Her Gran emails me to tell me it turns out she’s got thyroid problems, the sort that can be treated with medication, which is a huge relief to the family. Her big sister is also going to have to be tested, just to play it safe.

See what your prayers can accomplish? Again, HUGE thanks to Randy for adding these to the blog template. And thank YOU ALL for your participation in this ministry!

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