Shiny sink!

Blame Linda for this one; she thinks it’s funny.

I posted about flying with FlyLady.Net a couple weeks ago (and here’s the logo. I’ve emailed a request for permission to post, and not gotten a reply; if they tell me “no” I’ll come back and delete the thing) — well… got a call last night, a friend’s coming through from out of town this afternoon and taking me out to lunch — and all I had to do to get the house ready was to run the vacuum (Bubba left me the feathery remains of a bird scattered all over the living room this morning) and swipe down the front bathroom. My kitchen sink is EMPTY, the drain is tucked up under the counter, and all the surfaces are shined! I even took the trash out and set it in my can to await transport to the dump on Tuesday!

I’m so proud of me! Now I’m going to go do some needlework while I wait!

Now — where’s the smelling salts for those of you who’ve known me for a while? Hmmm?

3 thoughts on “Shiny sink!

  1. Congratulations! I tried to use the Fly Lady, but somehow after a few weeks I went back to my old habits. Try try again! Maybe you’ll be my inspiration.

  2. Sadie and Bubba must be thinking the same thing – I found a headless bird on her bed this afternoon. YUCK!

  3. Matilda — did you ever get one of Marla’s feather dusters? Those things are plush! I call mine my “hootchie mama” feather duster!

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