From the "Uh-huh, and What Did I Tell You?" Files

Exxon has reported record earnings for the third quarter of this year.

Well, DUH! Our gas prices have doubled in recent months and show no signs whatsoever of returning to a reasonable rate in the foreseeable future. My little economy car is now costing me the whopping sum of $40 per week to operate, with my two requisite trips to Raleigh; formerly I could do two trips and a little local driving on $25.

They’ve got us over the proverbial barrel — the oil barrel, that is. What can ordinary citizens do that the Government won’t?

I mean, I love President Bush — I voted for the man, and I fully support him on the war on terror; he told us September 11, 2001, exactly what we’d be facing, and he was right. But his economic policies are killing me — !

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