Oh, I’m getting old(er)!

Turning 48 in less than a week — which isn’t so bad. After all, I’m enjoying my forties a heckuva lot, a WHOLE heckuva lot more than I ever enjoyed my twenties.

But sometimes I pick up on little clues that things aren’t working quite like they once did. I’ve picked up an old hobby, needlework, and suddenly I discover I have to use a little… extra help… seeing. I’m in bifocals as it is, and now I’ve found I have to use an additional magnifier in order to see — to thread my needle, to even find the little holes in the fabric!

It’s a nice little magnifier, hangs on a cord around my neck and props on my chest (okay, on “the shelf”) so I can enjoy its benefits hands-free and constantly. It makes both pattern and fabric (oh! and the eye of the needle!) much easier to find. But I’m rather distressed because I have a sneaking feeling it won’t be long before I’m needing the silly thing to even read!

Flannel Sheets and Christmas Music

It’s FALL — temps dipping into the 40s and 30s at night, highs only in the 50s in the day. Time to indulge in one of the great sensual pleasures of life — FLANNEL SHEETS! and my great personal favorite, a red flannel popover from the Vermont Country Store. The Vermont Country Store is the place to find flannel sheets, too.

And with chilly weather, out comes the Christmas Music. I’ve been listening to Messiah for a while, but now I can really indulge. I’ve been listening today to Manheim Steamroller.

Add a cup of Earl Grey tea and a bowl of homemade veg soup… Ahhhhh, bliss!


Y’all have GOT to go see the new Wallace and Gromit movie. Imperative! I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve laughed so hard and at so long a stretch. Peter Sellis (known as Norman Clegg in BBC’s longest-running comedy, “Last of the Summer Wine”) provides the delightful voice for Wallace and the transformed rabbit, and Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes show a completely delicious comic twist to their talents as the voices of Lady Campanula Tottington and Victor Quartermaine. Fans of “Are You Being Served?” will immediately recognize Nicholas Smith (Mr. Rumbold – “Old Jug Ears”) as the voice of the vicar.

The claymation is clever, the characterizations are brilliant, the plot is cheesy (giggle, for those already familiar with Wallace and Gromit) and the humor is so subtle and sophisticated… note the wording on the box in which Wallace is clothed at the end of the movie.

You won’t regret going, honest!

Shiny sink!

Blame Linda for this one; she thinks it’s funny.

I posted about flying with FlyLady.Net a couple weeks ago (and here’s the logo. I’ve emailed a request for permission to post, and not gotten a reply; if they tell me “no” I’ll come back and delete the thing) — well… got a call last night, a friend’s coming through from out of town this afternoon and taking me out to lunch — and all I had to do to get the house ready was to run the vacuum (Bubba left me the feathery remains of a bird scattered all over the living room this morning) and swipe down the front bathroom. My kitchen sink is EMPTY, the drain is tucked up under the counter, and all the surfaces are shined! I even took the trash out and set it in my can to await transport to the dump on Tuesday!

I’m so proud of me! Now I’m going to go do some needlework while I wait!

Now — where’s the smelling salts for those of you who’ve known me for a while? Hmmm?

Update on prayer requests

I thought you might like to know what’s going on with the people in my prayer request list, to the right, there.

I’ve taken Bill off — he’s still uncomfortable, but he’s weaning himself off the heavy-duty pain meds, walking — very excited about the Astros making it to the World Series. I’m sure he’d be glad for continuing prayers, but I think the worst of the crunch has passed.

Ed’s mending, still having to be very cautious and treat that knee with lots of TLC. Last word I got from him, he’s hobbling about with a walker; the cane allows too much weight and stress on it.

Mary Ann hasn’t sent me a more recent update since her trip to Duke, but she’s got a long fight ahead of her. The chemo wasn’t as effective as it should have been, and the medicine she was taking to counteract the sickness from the chemo wasn’t working at all. Still she’s up early every morning, sending her email friends wonderful meditations. Let me know if you’d like me to forward some to you.

Then there is Elwood, who is dad of my buddy Steve; Elwood is having a growth removed on Monday, and having formerly had cancer this is kind of distressing for him and for his family.

Baby Abi is the most recent addition to my prayer list. She’s a newborn, and some of her tests from the heel-sticking medical people do to new babies came back abnormal. Her Gran emails me to tell me it turns out she’s got thyroid problems, the sort that can be treated with medication, which is a huge relief to the family. Her big sister is also going to have to be tested, just to play it safe.

See what your prayers can accomplish? Again, HUGE thanks to Randy for adding these to the blog template. And thank YOU ALL for your participation in this ministry!

hmmm… that wasn’t so bad…

I popped in the System Recover disks about midnight last night, and this morning everything looks just plumb hunkey-dorey! It has been disheartening to start at the beginning, spending more than an hour re-installing my internet stuff and trying to decide just what I need on here to be really happy… but it works! I can SEE! Even my laptop screen looks pretty decent!

Ahhh… I was afraid of missing this for days and days, and it seems I won’t have to.

YEA!!! (doin’ the “Happy Dance!”)

I seem to be fading FAST

Okay — I’m getting a message that my problem is an error with my display driver. It’s getting harder and harder to do what I need to do on the computer — in fact, tonight I had to connect the monitor from my pc (which is in the shop with a hardware problem) because I can’t get any image to show up on my laptop screen.

This is terribly frustrating, because I’m very dependent on my computer, with one down and the other acting as if it’s on its last leg… PLUS… on the recommendation of a friend who wanted, at the time, to be able to webcam and Skype with me from the Funny Farm as we had grown accustomed to doing from Raleigh, I recently got connected with a DSL server and I HATE to pay for service I can’t use and if I cancel the DSL I have to pay a $100 penalty on TOP of the $200 or so I had to pay for equipment just a couple months ago… (and we never DID webcam or Skype… go figure! Ya spend the big bucks to make the fellers happy, and what do they do but change their minds! Sheesh!)

So here I am… trying to use Yahoo Instant Messenger tonight and all I could see on my end was cybernetic salad, funny lines in the typing screen —

So I’m going to try running my System Restore disk now on the recommendation of another friend.. Fingers crossed!
Weird, weird, weird. And exceedingly frustrating!

not gone YET

The computer is still booting me up in Safe Mode. I’m going to pull out the System Restore CD later today and see if that works… Worst case scenario? I’ll be looking for TWO computer hard drives, one for the pc, one for the notebook. What a bummer!

Thanks for sticking with me

An unwanted vacation

More computer trouble! My pc is in the shop with a hard drive problem, and now my poor little laptop is not wanting to crank up, either. She’s operating in “Safe Mode” (which might well be a good lesson for a great many of us “bear-ish” people) and I don’t know what to expect from this. If I don’t post for a while — don’t forget me, do please pray for me! and I’ll post whenever and wherever I can…if I have to visit the public library in order to do it!

God bless you!