Would this guy look good in a tux?

Sitting around the table last night after Chorale rehearsal, we began talking about the men’s upcoming performance of Liszt’s Faust (with the NC Symphony, next week, in several venues)… and somehow the subject of chorale attire came up, particularly men’s attire, the good ol’ standby tux…

And someone observed that all men look darn good in a tux. Even the plainest, oldest, baldest, fattest, most cross-eyed, or geekiest, gawkiest, ugliest man on the planet would look HOT in a tux! And I certainly agreed!

But then I had to think of… Larry the Cable Guy (see photo above). Somehow I just can’t make the transition…. Do you suppose he’d try to wear that ball cap with… oh, now my head hurts!

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