Prayer Request updates

Two new prayer requests for you, please:

Jenn is the daughter-in-law of my dear friend Donna. Jenn had a lot of hormone-related heart trouble during her first pregnancy, and now she’s early in the first trimester with her second pregnancy, and has begun having the same symptoms again. She has also lost one of a set of twins, Donna tells me; the other baby seems to be doing well so far.

Steve is Donna’s daughter’s boss. He has just recently been diagnosed with cancer — his kidney is affected, and he only has the one kidney.

I’ve taken off a couple of people for whom I’ve been unable to get updates; I’m assuming that, after so many weeks, the crisis has passed. And I’m glad to be able to report that right now it looks as if Elwood may not have to undergo further treatment for the skin cancer he had removed a couple weeks ago.

Thanks, as always, for your prayers for these people.

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