just a quick greeting —

I’m supposed to blog every day, according to the friend who started me on this adventure.

Well, that’s hard. When the cat is sitting in the sill of a fully open window (wish I hadn’t lost my camera — it would be a lovely, serene photo) and the leaves outside are beginning to turn, and the dogwoods look as if they were on fire with their blood-red berries and redding leaves and the silver maple has hit that tobacco-gold perfection… who wants to sit in front of a computer screen and come up with something to write about?

It’s a glorious Indian Summer day, highs expected to approach 80. They are supposed to drop back to the 30s again in a day or two, bringing a lot more frost and chill… not many more glorious days like this to enjoy.

See y’all later!

Uh, photo?

Where’s the pic? Where’s the pic?

Well, as I understand it (and I may not understand it at all), the file containing my former photo on this blog was deleted, or cleaned out or something… and the photo was lost.

So why haven’t I replaced it already?

BECAUSE IT SEEMS MY CAMERA HAS BEEN STOLEN. Sheesh. I took it with me to Raleigh last week and after several stops I discovered my passenger side door was unlocked… and my camera is nowhere to be found. I seem to have been mistaken in the assumption that burying it under a pile of music (which was not removed) was “secure.”

Just hold on — I’ll get someone to take one for me and email it. After all, you’ve GOT to see the hot new haircut, right?