Merry Christmas, Y’All

Two days before Christmas Eve, and I’m still fighting the upper respiratory infection that nearly silenced me for our Messiah performance. Oh, I’m better… I’m just not well yet.

I’ll be singing for two servcies at St. Timothy’s on Saturday, Christmas Eve. The music Patricia chooses is always so lovely. Then I hope to be at home at St. Tony’s for a Mass on Christmas Day.

I notice a lot of the same friends come in several times a day to check this little bit of my life, and for that loyalty and constancy, I thank you. I keep thinking I ought to be posting more to justify your visits… perhaps when I get well I’ll be able to do more. In the meantime, please know that during this coming week-end you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll be making a Holy Hour during the week-end and remembering the intentions of my dear friends. That is you.

God bless and keep you as we celebrate the Birth of our Savior this week-end.

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