I think I’m back…

Hi, Friends —
I’ve been away, more than not, for more than a month now. First it was computer problems (thanks, Pete, for saving my laptop for a few more hours of hard grind!). Then it was illness — I’ve had upper respiratory problems including repeated sinus infections and laryngitis since the day before our Messiah performance (that would be December 9/10). I’m starting to get back on my feet, and I hope to resume regular posting…

… not that I have much to say that will change the face of the nation. I’ve got several drafts going of some new stuff… including a stab at some reflections on the recent uprisings of Islamic extremists (?) over the Danish cartoon images of Mohammed… we’ll see what winds up for the world to see. Thanks for your ongoing prayers.

3 thoughts on “I think I’m back…

  1. Hey you! Sad to hear you were sick, good to hear you’re getting better! I emailed you also just now, but I figured a quick perusing of your blog couldn’t hurt me.

    I’m also quite curious as to your thoughts on the cartoon riots… we’re all kinda baffled here in Europe, with this odd uproar so many months after publication in a newspaper that can hardly be called an international bestseller. I’ve decided to simply maintain my state of bafflement for now and not worry, and then see what follows. Looking forward to your thoughts though!



  2. Hey Victoria!!!
    How are ya doing?

    (sorry Laura … don’t mean to interrupt your blog)

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