Conversion Story getting wider readership

I was blessed immensely to be able to attend the Fourth Annual Ignited by Truth Conference in Raleigh over the week-end, where I got to hear former Baptist evangelist Steve Ray, author of Crossing the Tiber and several other wonderful books and video series (see the website), not only give his testimony but also provide some exciting biblical background — and geographical as well as Scriptural context — to many of the Gospel foundations of our Faith.

I got to meet Steve after his initial talk on Friday evening, and yesterday I sent him my conversion story, “Prelude and Fugue in Faith,” which as many of you know was one of the first things I awkwardly posted on this blog (back in the April and May archives). Well, Steve has posted “Prelude and Fugue in Faith” on his website, along with many, many other exciting stories. If you go to the site I linked above, then look along the top directional bar to “Stories,” you should not have any trouble finding it.

I also urge you to take some time to become acquainted with his Catholic Convert website. It’s packed with some wonderful articles and papers that Steve and others have prepared as they’ve come to share their own decisions to become Catholic — a fantastic resource for those of us who are called on to defend our Faith! and who isn’t?

Actually — Steve made a point I want to share with you. When he and his wife attended their very first Mass, Janet came out afterward shaking with rage. She was angry with their Protestant tradition for lying to them… but she was even angrier with Catholics for not telling them the Truth. Friends, we aren’t just to defend our Faith, we need to be out there assertively sharing it. Are we? I haven’t been, but that’s going to be changing as of NOW.

One thought on “Conversion Story getting wider readership

  1. Sorry I missed it. I loved your thread on COL. Maybe next time. You have to come back to Belmont when you get a chance. Maybe we can plan a weekend retreat one weekend. The cost is free w/ a donation expected for food etc.

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