What CAN we do with a drunken sailor?

Make him sing Samuel Adler’s “Rogues and Lovers”?

Okay, I am relieved none of my fellow choristers read this blog, because I’m about to make an embarrassing confession:


Mostly. It would have been more fun if some of our sopranos didn’t sing so much like white women or divas (Imagine a heavy soprano vibrato singing “Limbo, Limbo, Limbo Limbooooo”) and if there hadn’t been so much bitching and moaning among the ranks… but by and large, it was just good fun.

This is a piece that really showcased the North Carolina Wind Orchestra, but it offered some stretch for the imagination for the chorale, also. It begins with some wild percussion work (yeah, even wind ensembles use percussion) — then we joined in a rolicking rendition of “Drunken Sailor,” followed by the English folk ballad, “He’s Gone Away,” “Limbo,” Banuwa,” “Valencienita” and finally “Gypsum Davy” — all folks songs about loves or rogues.

It was a little schizophrenic-feeling at times, but what the hey — so is life.

I also enjoyed the Holiday Pops concert pieces with the NC Symphony, last November. Music doesn’t have to always be stodgy and highbrow in order to be fun to sing. Boogers! to the naysayers and whiners.

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