A baby in trouble

I’ve been approved by the county, despite my not being a fully certified teacher, because of the critical shortage, to tutor homebound students. My first, I have listed in the margin, right, in my prayer requests. “C” is a cute girl, 17, recently emancipated. Her baby was not due until October, but was born prematurely in July. The baby has been home, but has begun having seizures and has been admitted to one of the large teaching hospitals in this State.

“C” is proving herself a self-sacrificing mother, agreeing to breastfeed her baby for the baby’s sake (most teen moms bottle-feed). She came by the school to pick up her work yesterday, and we met for the first time. She looks so thin and rather haggard. My heart aches for her, and I wonder about her relationship with her parents and about other issues that shouldn’t even be on the page when we are talking about a girl so young.

Please pray for “C,” her boyfriend, and their little baby girl, who is so thin and frail to have to put up such a fight right now. And please pray for me as I work with “C” to help her complete high school this fall; she’s up for graduation in Decmeber.

I greatly appreciate it.

I think I’ve seen more pregnant students at our high school this fall and last year than during the previous ten years combined.

Strange how attitudes have shifted in a single generation. When I was in high school, back in the 70s, the idea was becoming accepted that if you really really loved someone and were in a committed relationship with him, it was okay to sleep together. That was hte polite euphemism for having sex, of course.

Nowadays, virginity is regarded as a shameful burden to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. And in some elements of the culture (I’m sadly speaking of some pockets of the black community), boys aren’t men until they’ve fathered children, and girls aren’t regarded as “real women” until they’ve become pregnant.

I’m also disheartened by how irreverently and casually I sometimes overhear girls talking about sex, even oral sex. I was so backwards through my adolescence, I thought oral sex was the same thing as French kissing!

Dear God in Heaven! Where is the innocence of childhood anymore? Our children are losing out on so much that is precious! And how can we recover it without a lot of aggressive work?

Fair Warning — !

Just over a week, now — October 2, 2006. Raleigh’s own WCPE, a.k.a. THE CLASSICAL STATION will be broadcasting the North Carolina Symphony’s performance of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, the “Resurrection” Symphony. Performing with them is — TA DA!!! — the North Carolina Master Chorale.

Go to the link I’ve provided and fiddle about with the Listen Online Feature. Check the exact time of the broadcast, too — so you’ll not miss a single minute of this wonderful (if I do say so myself!) performance.

Oh! and, uh, pass the word along, will ya? To other bloggers? Forums? Wherever?

Hey, Who Are Y’All?

I check the site meter from time to time, and I’m startled by the people who check this blog — Y’all come from all over the place! I recognize some of the visitors — monarch is Angela Messenger, for instance — but some of you, I’m baffled to know who you are.

How about logging in a “Howdy” here? Let me know who you are?

ReDecorating the Blog

Thanks to Chris who is taking some time to help me jazz up the appearance of the ol’ blog, here. I have no idea how to do the techie stuff, and she’s a great help.

The painting in my header is The Annunciation by Henry Tanner. A friend of mine posted a photo of it in a website I sometimes visit, and I fell in love with it. I love the way Tanner doesn’t try to anthropomorphize the Angel, but lets him stand as a being of brilliant Light. And Mary looks so young, so baffled by this amazing and unexpected event. Even the rumpled rug appeals to my imagination.

Watch in coming weeks for more redecorating advances.

Oh, yeah, Muslims are peace-loving, rational…


HERE is the text of the highly controversial — uh, let’s put that in quotes, shall we? “CONTROVERSIAL” speech by Benedict XVI that has Muslims world-wide writhing with their knickers in knots, murdering nuns and setting churches afire… and Here is the text of the alleged apology offered by His Holiness, our beloved German Shepherd. Scroll down to see the English translation of the text of the apology.

Yeah, it’s a real peaceful people who go on rampages killing nuns and burning churches in response to a speech that has only quoted a Medieval writer and asked some earnest questions.

When are the PC crowd going to wake up and smell the coffee, here? Is it going to take another 9/11-type attack on the U.S., on our home turf, before people realize we are at war with some violent, demon-possessed people, here???

Yeah, I pray for the conversion of Israel, and of the entire Islamic world. We’ve got a lot of people over there headed to hell faster than you can say “dozens of virgins in Paradise? Bilge!” and the thing is, they’re trying their darnedest to take us with them.