Oh, yeah, Muslims are peace-loving, rational…


HERE is the text of the highly controversial — uh, let’s put that in quotes, shall we? “CONTROVERSIAL” speech by Benedict XVI that has Muslims world-wide writhing with their knickers in knots, murdering nuns and setting churches afire… and Here is the text of the alleged apology offered by His Holiness, our beloved German Shepherd. Scroll down to see the English translation of the text of the apology.

Yeah, it’s a real peaceful people who go on rampages killing nuns and burning churches in response to a speech that has only quoted a Medieval writer and asked some earnest questions.

When are the PC crowd going to wake up and smell the coffee, here? Is it going to take another 9/11-type attack on the U.S., on our home turf, before people realize we are at war with some violent, demon-possessed people, here???

Yeah, I pray for the conversion of Israel, and of the entire Islamic world. We’ve got a lot of people over there headed to hell faster than you can say “dozens of virgins in Paradise? Bilge!” and the thing is, they’re trying their darnedest to take us with them.

3 thoughts on “Oh, yeah, Muslims are peace-loving, rational…

  1. By their fruits you shall know them….

    I love our dear Holy Father more than ever for not backing down. He has done nothing wrong and it’s time somebody put their foot down. Viva Il Papa!

  2. I love Benedict XVI, too – and as much as I love our dear JPII, I have to agree with the Caveman who posted some thoughts that JPII, with his different focus, etc., actually helped to create the difficult situations Benedict is having to deal with now.

    For our Holy Father and for the new Bishop of Raleigh, I pray — Lord have Mercy!

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