A baby in trouble

I’ve been approved by the county, despite my not being a fully certified teacher, because of the critical shortage, to tutor homebound students. My first, I have listed in the margin, right, in my prayer requests. “C” is a cute girl, 17, recently emancipated. Her baby was not due until October, but was born prematurely in July. The baby has been home, but has begun having seizures and has been admitted to one of the large teaching hospitals in this State.

“C” is proving herself a self-sacrificing mother, agreeing to breastfeed her baby for the baby’s sake (most teen moms bottle-feed). She came by the school to pick up her work yesterday, and we met for the first time. She looks so thin and rather haggard. My heart aches for her, and I wonder about her relationship with her parents and about other issues that shouldn’t even be on the page when we are talking about a girl so young.

Please pray for “C,” her boyfriend, and their little baby girl, who is so thin and frail to have to put up such a fight right now. And please pray for me as I work with “C” to help her complete high school this fall; she’s up for graduation in Decmeber.

I greatly appreciate it.

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