Hello, Everyone, Yep! today is the old warhorse’s Birthday. (Thanks, Chris!) I’m what some might call “45.95 plus shipping and handling.” (49, okay?)



Next Friday, November 3, is the Fourth Anniversary of My ReceptionInto The Church.

So — in celebration of these two awesome events, I’m throwing a party that can be celebrated round the world — and indeed, I am sending it to friends throughout the U.S. and Canada, England, The Netherlands,Italy, and Australia.

Here’s how it is supposed to work:

First, between now and Friday, please make a Holy Hour (or half-hour or whatever you do) — I ask that you remember three very particular intentions for me:

A) My growing work in the Church (Music Director, Adult Faith
Formation leader) is stretching me more than I thought I could be
stretched. I love it – but pray that God would lead, direct, sustain,

B) Reconciliation with my daughters.

C) The conversion of souls and reconciliation of those who have left the Church.

After you have made your Holy Hour (in lieu of which, if you simply cannot make it to the Church for a Holy Hour, will you offer a Rosary for me?) I want you to get your favorite dessert, and your favorite beverage – and enjoy!

If you’re on a diet, you are temporarily exempt to indulge, so far as health issues will permit (I know a diabetic can’t eat my aunt’s pound cake — okay, SHOULD NOT) for the one brief occasion.

On Friday, let’s all gather in your favorite internet forums and tell stories, especially stories of faith and answered prayers, of love, family, and friends — and just generally enjoy one another’s company.

Or through the week, post said comments HERE.

How does that sound?

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