Things I love about being Catholic:

Jesus in the Eucharist
The Poetry and Drama of the Holy Liturgy
The dignity of our worship
Jesus in the Eucharist
Being in a Church that has existed since the Upper Room
The kinship of Faith with Believers around the world
Truly, “The Communion of Saints” –
making friends with people who have lived for Jesus through the ages
Gregorian Chant
Holy Hours
The Rosary
The Aquinas hymns
Jesus in the Eucharist
Stations of the Cross
Knowing Mary better as my “adopted Mother”
The Litany of the Saints
Jesus in the Eucharist…
Pope John Paul II
Pope Benedict XVI

Oh, I do love being Catholic! Thank you, dear Heavenly Father, that four years ago, I was allowed to stand in Your holy Sanctuary and to state those powerful words, “I do believe and profess all the Catholic Church teaches, preaches, and proclaims to be revealed by God.” I do believe, dear Lord! Help my life to be more fully conformed to what my head and heart believe.

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