Prayer Needs NOW

Chris, my co-contributor (read: technical assistant) is in hospital right now. She is in for an aneurysm.

Nora, dear friend from my choir, is in hospital, having undergone surgery for cancer this week.

Please pray for these two precious dear and wonderful women and their speedy recovery.

Yikes! Has it been SO LONG since I posted?
So much has happened, are you SURE I have been so long away???

Okay – There’s a new photo, as soon as Chris is up to replacing the old one.

I started to post a few weeks ago (honest!) in celebration of the anniversary of a very special friendship. After only a couple of sentences, though, I shut down this window and went to Word, where my idea very quickly became an article, which has been accepted for publication by Catholic Match Magazine. “In Celebration of Holy Friendship” is due to appear in the January edition of the online magazine. I’ll post a link here when it comes out.

The Advent and Christmas seasons are upon us. I had four concerts, two funerals and a regular Mass in three days over Thanksgiving weekend. I’m still recovering, in fact! Our Joy of the Season concert is coming up on Saturday. We’re being recorded for broadcast over our state PBS affiliate, WUNC-TV (Channel 4, Chapel Hill) and a DVD will be available for sale, too. I’ll post info on that as soon as I’m able.

I have a new email address for anyone who would care to contact me:

I’ve got more stuff bubbling on the back burner. See you soon!