Sharing the Faith

I got to the church about forty-five minutes early for choir practice last night. Father was there, getting ready for our opening night of Bingo – and he was showing two women around the church. I greeted them and went about my business of getting ready for the kids to show up – but when I came out of my closet office they were still there. One of them dropped back and struck up a conversation with me.

She was genuinely shocked when she learned I am a convert. WHY would a CHRISTIAN want to become a CATHOLIC???

You know what? It’s probably good that I used to think that Catholics were cannibals – those sorts of questions don’t offend me. I’ve thought worse, probably, right?

So we spent more than half an hour talking – I corrected her misinformation that Catholics worship Mary (that’s an old one) and that Catholics believe Jesus died but wasn’t resurrected (That was a new one for me) – I told her about our Easter Triduum, invited her to come back and attend Mass with us. Since she was curious about our Bibles, I gave her my NAB which was sitting on the shelf (unused) in my office. We exchanged email addresses, and last night I sent her my conversion story.

She’s the third person this week I’ve sent it to.

I LOVE sharing the Faith! LoveitLoveitLoveit!

Pray for this gal – her name is Linda, and I didn’t catch her friend’s name. They’re Pentecostals, former Methodists. I expect I’ll be hearing from them again. PrayPrayPrayPrayPray…..

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