It’s Hard to Post Daily!

Okay, Maybe I’m a lazy slug, but I just cannot seem to get my act together to post every day. I don’t know how “Angela Messenger” does it. Or any of my other blogger friends. I’m working on a couple of magazine articles (I just had my fourth article published with Catholic Match Magazine and am waiting to hear back on a possible reprint of one of those with Catholic Digest – please keep your fingers crossed!). Blogging might be a very good way to “Prime the Pump” – after all, “Celebration of Holy Friendship” (the article I’m hoping will be picked up by Catholic Digest) was the result of a blog entry I almost made but decided I wanted to develop as an article.

But right now it feels almost as if blogging and posting in various web fora just diffuses the energy I possess. I’m going to have to give this some more thought and prayer.

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