Standing up for the Truth

You probably know that I participate on several web fora. I don’t do a lot of posting, overall, not compared to some, but when I post, I say what I think and unless you can address my thoughts and show me the fallacy of my position, I do not back down.

This gets interesting when posting to other women. Some women are so naive and gullible. They want everyone to be all hearts and flowers and everything to be beautiful all the time …. and part of that sweetness and light is for everyone to just all get along and no one to make waves……….

We can’t all be right. If there is a real Truth in the world – and as Catholics we are all about Truth, not some subjective “my truth and your truth,” but THE TRUTH – then we have to become adults and accept that compromises from THE TRUTH are a LIE, and LIES are DANGEROUS. We have to take our thumbs out of our mouths and drop the blankie where it lays and take up the Armor of Christ and get with the work God has given us.

That’s what I want to do. I hope I can do it gracioiusly, but I’m afraid I’m … forthright is a word I have encountered lately. I’ve also been accused of being “mean.”

Look, if you want me to take you seriously, don’t cry, “You’re MEAN!” like some six-year old. Address my position, show me my error. But don’t get into personalities, okay?

2 thoughts on “Standing up for the Truth

  1. I hope I didn’t cry when you told me I was PC…..not politically correct, but poorly catechized. Hmmmm. Actually I WAS politically correct then. And poorly catechized. Thanks for straightening me out!

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