Hello Again, Naturally –

Back in… March, was it? I announced my intentions to drop off the face of the earth where Catholic Match is concerned. Well, it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

One of the reasons these sites are so popular is that the fora are entertaining. CM offers the options of on-site emails and brief messages they call “emotes” – a charming easy way to exchange brief messages between members. It’s fun.

And for a gal living with two cats, it’s an easy and mostly-pleasing distraction.

Okay – I’ll make a public confession: I also had a little bit of a “following” over there – a group of women ranging in age from their late teens to their 60s, who thought (or at least said) I am wise and witty and simply wonderful…

Not wonderful enough to stay in touch with now that I’ve actually pulled the plug and removed my profile, mind you… ah, the public are such a fickle bunch! LOL –

But certainly wonderful enough to gush to me and generally feed my ego in a major way.

So – I’m back. and frankly, I’m not sure I have an awful lot to say. I wrote four articles for CM/4Marks magazine – you can go to http://www.4marks.com and click on the magazine link: look for my wit and wisdom (choke!) in January, February, March and May. The March article is trash – literally a rough draft I sent to the editor because he was begging me to send him something – so of course it is the article that has received the most attention. My best article, “Spiritual Warfare,” for the May issue, is buried in the Apologetics section while a poem of questionable quality and an over-circulated email text received Headline status.

I want to break into paying markets. That is my career goal for this summer.

and, meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to posts in here more often, even pontificating a bit and being a general BORE, right?

I see I get an average of 3 views per day. Angela – how many of those are yours, Dear Heart? Well, here’s a crumb. We’ll see how long I can sustain this blogging stuff this time.

Love y’all – you’re in my prayers.

4 thoughts on “Hello Again, Naturally –

  1. LOL! 3 hits a day huh….

    Well, just keep at it and post on as many blogs out there as possible and before you know it – an audience will form!

    I think you and Deb over at UKOK would be great blog buddies. She is linked on my blog – why not drop her a line to start?

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