How will your obituary read?

Once again, the obituary read, “She was an avid golfer….” Down here in golf country, that’s not surprising – most people move here from other parts of the country for the golf, when they retire.

But it’s sad, too, that a life that has ended, a soul sent on its way to God for the Final Judgment, should be celebrated and remembered for something so superficial as chasing a little ball around and trying to hit it into a little hole in the ground.

When I die, I want my obituary to read of my conversion, my love of God and His Church, my eagerness to share the Faith… I don’t know that it would, since my survivors are hardly likely themselves to care about such things. But it’s what I aspire to.

How should we live, in order to merit a more substantial memorial than “she was an avid golfer”?

2 thoughts on “How will your obituary read?

  1. Perhaps you can write your own obituary and make arrangements with the funeral home now for them to publish it when the time comes.

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