Who can imagine ME –

as a canon lawyer?

I mean, this is not a professional ambition common to little Protestant girls.

“So, tell me, young lady – what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“I have always had an intense yearning to study canon law” is not the answer we give.

So – I have a friend from a website, known affectionately as “canon law Mary” because she is named Mary and she is, yes indeedy! a student of the canon law licentiate program at the prestigious St Paul University in Ottawa.

Mary has decided that her first mission in this, her final semester of canon law study, is to persuade me to succeed her as brilliant laywoman scholar at her soon to be alma mater.

Whoa. Wow. Sensory overload, here.

It’ll take at least five years. The licentiate program is a 3-year course of study, but I’ll have to have some courses in theology and philosophy, 2 years’ worth, before I can begin canon law studies. I can obtain those courses through distance learning at several good universities, including Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio.

But that will mean graduating at age 55 or thereabouts… which will still allow me to look forward to some twenty years’ service in exchange for my efforts – and, if I’m lucky, the ability to pay off the exorbitant student loans I’ll have to take out to go to Ottawa (which is about half the cost of North America’s only other canon law licentiate program, Catholic University in Washington, DC)

I’m going to look into it. Had a good soul-searching chat with a friend who is a solid academician this morning, and have contacted a priest friend for counsel.

Y’all pray for me. Y’hear?

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