To Ms. M – an apology

Since you couldn’t very well leave me an email address, let me take this opportunity to publicly apologize to you. I do remember you – well and warmly – not only from the parking lot but also from the product meeting, shortly before your little one was born.

I also remember well your warmth of affection and devotion for your mother and your siblings.

I remember conversations with your mother, which apprised me of aspects of your mother’s life which your father’s comments herein reveal either lack of knowledge or a simple not caring. These facts about your mother’s life have a great deal to do with her standing with the Church at this time, and they are not my concern, nor even your father’s – but hers and G’s and their Confessor(s) .

The fact remains: your father has left the Church, and while he rails against your mother, he is no less culpable for his own choices. His original comments post implored me to appeal to the Roman Rota in my nullity situation for the sake of my soul’s salvation (which I will not do, as homosexuality is very much a black-and-white issue, unlike the “lack of due discretion” grounds named in your parents’ petition) and yet he has left the Church he appealed to.

There appears to me to be an alarming inconsistency in your father’s words and choices. Either the Church in Rome is the True Church which, despite the human errors of certain of her representatives, deserves his loyalty, or it is false, in which case his resentments are senseless. Actually, they make no sense anyway – he speaks of the Church forcing your mother into obedience? by which it reads as if he expects the Church to force her against her will to reconcile with him or to abandon her second family.

Remember: it was only after re-reading your father’s post and going to the web link he sent me, which details the history of the nullity process, that I recognized him as your father – which you have just confirmed for me. (Did he recognize me before posting?) There is no justification for his forcing himself on my acquaintance as he has done; his resentments toward your mother are far too obvious; he seems only to want to be sided with in horror: oh, how horrible a woman she is, and how careless the Church is for letting such a situation go undisciplined!

I can’t do it. Your father is seriously in error.

Please be assured of my continuing respect and affection for you and the whole of your family. That includes Karl.


One thought on “To Ms. M – an apology

  1. Karl – I’m not going to post your final comment because you named your former wife – but I want to thank you, and to assure you that – however passionate I may be, however doctrinaire.., I wish you the very best and will hold you all in my prayers. Much love in Christ.

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