Final post for 2007

I spent today in a glorious way. I got out around lunchtime and ran errands – put packages in the mail, picked up my silk blouse from the cleaner’s, had a bite of lunch –

Visited a local discount shop (SteinMart, if you must know) and decided that commercial tastes leave a great deal to be desired, these days. Why do plus sized women’s clothes have to be so horribly ugly? It’s bad enough they are sooo B-I-G, surely they could be in reasonable prints and colors and fabrics and even shapes – not these garish multi-colored bizarro prints in weird manmade fibers looking like something out of a 60s acid trip. I wanted a decent, 3/4 length or long-sleeved top in bright jewel tones, not orange, not black leopard or psychadelic throwback insanity. I gave up and left the store with all my money unspent.

I went into Fresh Market to satisfy a week-old craving for Brussels sprouts. All they had was tiny ones about the size of a marble, on a stem – one stem left. I bought a small triangle of Brie and a loaf of sourdough bread.

Then I remembered – I’m still not in the habit of remembering the used bookstore up at the end of the highway – and I do love a good browse in a used bookstore. There, I hit paydirt. I found a book on philosophy that I’ll be able to use in school, a book on the sermons of John Henry Newman, one on herb gardens from Rodale Press. I found music – a book of piano sonatas, books on organ music (someday I will have an organ to learn to play) – novels by Rosamunde Pilcher, whose personal note to me arrived on Christmas Eve (I wrote her several months ago, on impulse, after reading Coming Home and The Shell Seekers and she actually write me back!) and Rumer Godden and George Eliot and – oh, goodness how can I keep track of it all!

I came away with two massive shopping bags full of the most wonderful books – for $31! Now, with a cup of tea, and the living room vacuumed and the trash carried out, I am ready to bid the old year farewell.

It’s been a rich and satisfying year. Even a glorious but unrequited love has enriched and blessed my life immensely – and that is the worst thing that has happened this year. There have been new friends adding richness to an already full circle of good friends – discoveries of new gifts and new callings. There have been “love letters from God” in the form of bluebirds and deer in the back yard, rainbows, and glorious rains. There have been hours of satisfying work, and a great many pats on the back from people whose opinions matter to me.

There is much to look forward to in 2008. I’ll be starting school in a couple of weeks, and that will be a great adventure. There will be new things to write, new friends to love –

I always want to end a post with something wise, but I’m sadly lacking in that department tonight. I’m simply filled with contentment, and looking forward to what God has waiting for me in the new year.

God bless you all, and give you great joy this coming year.

3 thoughts on “Final post for 2007

  1. Laura, You’ve been blessed. Please stop by my blog and pick up your blessing.
    Adrienne’s Catholic Corner. (Haven’t mastered the link thingy in the comment box yet so just click on my name:)

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