If you want your comment posted –

Sign it.

I’ve gotten still another unsigned Anonymous comment this morning in response to Karl. Writer, you want to try again, put a name to it, I’ll publish it.

However, I’ll also tell you (again) that I left out part of his original post which includes identifying information about his ex-wife. And I’ll tell you that you’ve only heard one side of the story: his. And I’ll probably say a few other things that would just make everyone mad, but that I think would need to be said in the interest of fairness. Because this post I’m holding in reserve smacks too much of posts I’ve read on single’s sites, praising a man you don’t know in order to impress him with your own loyalty and “admiration.”

Look. I’ve already pointed out that maybe Karl’s ex-wife isn’t presenting herself for Communion. or that maybe she and her second husband are living as brother and sister – that these things are Not. Our. Business. Nobody has bothered to reply –
and what needs to be said is, “Yep, there’s a lot more to the story here than we’ve been told.”

But you’re right – Karl needs to come Home to the Church. Not because the Church needs him, mind you, but because he needs the Church. He needs to come home to the Church because the Church is true.

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