Draft: Laura’s Theory of Dating and Kissing

Terribly raw, this theory – very much in process. But I was in a discussion in which one of the participants was sort of gushing about kissing (er, making out, in the old 70s vernacular) her boyfriend –

and I was kind of surprised how much the conversation embarrassed me and left me feeling uneasy. Surprised??? Honeychile, I have had a secret affinity with Ado Annie from Oklahoma! for years – I’m jist a girl who cain’t say ‘no’ –

But being Catholic changes the way a gal looks at things, more even than turning 50. After all, turning the half-century corner didn’t do a darn thing to my libido – my inner vixen is still alive and well, thank you very much. And I can get downright drunk on kissing.

No – a Catholic who has even a passing acquaintance with John Paul II’s Theology of the Body is awakened to an idea more glorious than anything the world and popular mores can conceive. Such a promise makes it highly desirable to sacrifice the temporarily and superficially thrilling as an investment toward the achieving of the idea’s Realization.

So –

What I have decided upon in certainty is this: (1) A Kiss ought to mean something, not just be a mindless and cheap form of entertainment. (2) Hand-holding and cheek kisses are sweet, wholly-neglected demonstrations of affection that need to be rediscovered and practiced more liberally.

(3) The experience of intimacy of lips on lips is so profound that it should never be cheapened into recreational snogging.

Our grandparents were from a generation that associated kissing with engagement. I’m not sure I want to go that long before being kissed, but by and large I approve of the concept – See #3, above.

Right now, I’m thinking that it would be blissfully sweet, should He Whom My Soul Loves and I discover we love one another, to seal our understanding with a kiss – and maybe exchange a chaste kiss good-night at the end of a date, after that. But I’m not sure that is exclusive enough.

What do you think? Influence me with your opinions!

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