Hank entered into Eternity late in the afternoon, Wednesday, February 13. His wife of 56 years was with him, and she told me it was a gentle, peaceful passing.

I’ve watched Dorris over several months, and it has seemed to me she has been growing in radiance and peace. Hank’s health had not been good for a long time, and he’d suffered quite a bit. Anxiety had taken a toll on her. But recently, the lines in her face have smoothed out and her smile has been sweeter and her countenance, also. It has seemed as if she’d taken on a literal glow.

This is an amazing gift of Grace, to be carried in such a way.

I ache for Dorris, parting with a life companion like this. I learned at the funeral Mass yesterday, they’d been together since she was 17. Their lives were so wholly connected with one another –

I have to confess, though, that I envy her even this pain. Dorris has had a privilege I covet – of being able to serve, in such full self-donation, a man she loves, of literally handing him to the Father in those final instants of his earthly life. As much as she misses him, as hard as the days ahead will be, there is still something precious that she has given of herself that any woman would want to be able to give the one she loves.

One thought on “Hank

  1. I fully understand your envy. It would truly be a wonderful blessing to have a love that deep that being faithful in service is a price so willingly and joyfully paid. May Hank rest in peace and may Doris and all their loves ones know God’s peace in their difficult time.

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