Cheers to Father Neuhaus

… for pointing out, during EWTN’s coverage this morning, that the liturgists arranging the Mass at Nationals Stadium in Washington appear never to have read the multitude of articles, interviews, and other works of the Holy Father on Church Music.

It is also evident, nay obvious! as I am listening to the performance during Mass of that black gospel song that the person responsible for this music as also never troubled himself or herself to read Musicam Sacram or the GIRM or any other document governing music and worship –

This is such an embarrassment! The Holy Father deserves so much better than this – Our Eucharistic Lord deserves better –

Am I a selfish pig for hopinghopinghoping that this sparks horrendous mess results in some serious oversight and overhauling of American liturgy???

2 thoughts on “Cheers to Father Neuhaus

  1. Dead on, Laura. Thanks for sticking up for me. Not sure why I’m getting all the attacks but – oh well:)

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