Email from a friend – PRAYER NEED, please!

My da is in the neurosurgery ward in Beaumont Hospital. He has an abnormality on his brain and they’ll either do an operation to remove it immediately or a biopsy to see if it’s a tumour or not. The biopsy will take 3-4 days to come back and both will be under general anaesthetic. The head surgeon is off for the holiday weekend so we will see him Tuesday and he’ll discuss the options with us. My family is thank God, pulling together instead of falling apart. S and M (my sisters) and D (my nephew) are doing shifts with me and my ma. He keeps wandering off and thinks he can get a taxi to go home and then the boat to Birmingham where they used to live. His eyesight is all blurry too. That’s just a shortlist of what’s happening to him.

We really really need your prayers, and if you remember him after the consecration at Mass and when you get Holy Communion it will be so powerful. I would really appreciate if you could pay a few dollars and have a Mass said for him, his name is Eddie M. Our Lady said they are like candles to light up the way when a person dies and of course it’s the most powerful prayer on Earth. I will keep you updated. God keep you always in the palm of His hand.

One thought on “Email from a friend – PRAYER NEED, please!

  1. I’m on the job. Went to Mass before reading this but will light a bunch of candles tomorrow.

    Dang girl – you have a lot going on…..

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