Weather or Not …

Okay. The weather seems to have passed. I didn’t see any more severe weather here, just several episodes of rain showers – but WRAL has noted that fire depts in my county responded to reports of a tornado sighted near/in Pinebluff – whose phone district I am in (also fire district, so that’s CLOSE) –

I’ve got the windows back up, and the air smells so fresh and cool and sweet. A pine tree must have had some hail damage, or maybe lightening strike? I smell strong pine in the air.

It’s been a nice evening, really. I turned off the Metaphysics lesson I was listening to when the rain started, because the pounding on the roof was so loud. It was lovely to watch, in the twilight, even the bolts of lightening (some distance away, thankfully!)

It reminded me of summer showers when I was a little girl. Maybe no drought this year?

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