100 yesterday, today, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday – we’re breaking records all over the place, earliest we’ve ever hit 100 here – well, since records have been kept. Makes me rather dread July and August.

No, I’m not blaming global warming. Okay – maybe it’s global warming, but not the Al Gore variety; the earth cycles, and we’re on the hot side of the cycle. Geological evidence supports this, as does historical. Remember the painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware? All that ice and snow? That’s not typical, but it was what he and the Revolutionary troops experienced that year – part of a “mini ice age” in the cycle.

That doesn’t absolve us from living more responsibly, but it does place the onus of responsibility on you and me, and not President Bush. We’ve got to get over this mentality of being entitled to our luxuries – the gas-guzzling autos, the a/c, the electricity-burning gadgets and widgets and Whatsese.

Yes, I’ve got my Victory Garden started – the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are in, organically augmented with decomposed horse manure, and mulched with locally-grown wheat straw. Squash family will be going into the ground – probably very very early Saturday morning since I’m working tomorrow. I have enough trouble getting out of bed by 6 or 6:30; I’d have to get up at 5:30 to get it done tomorrow (still not a bad idea!)

One thought on “HOT!!!

  1. We are still 10 degrees below normal with rain. I don’t do well anymore working outside when it gets over 85, so like you, I try to get out there early.

    Being a night person this is not easy.

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