Music arrived today for the Eucharistic Congress to be held in Charlotte this October – See list below.

One of the ongoing arguments I faced – frequently – during my former endeavors as a music director was “Why will you not do the music that other diocesan musicians do? I go to events at other parishes, and they do this music you won’t do!” – Well, my answer is that the music I chose is in keeping with the choices made by the Diocesan Director for Liturgy and Music, Dr. Larry Stratemeyer, and his associate, who happens to be in charge of this year’s event.

Advent: The Angel’s Greeting: Brahms

Marion: Ave Maria: Victoria

Christmas: And the Glory of the Lord: Handel

Lent: In Memoria – Vivaldi

Palm Sunday: Children of the Hebrews: Robert Schafer (sent from St. Barnabas)
Holy Week: Lamb of God, What Wondrous Love: arr: Allen Robert Petker

Easter: This Joyful Eastertide: arr: Charles Wood

Trinity: Hymn to the Trinity: Michael Burkhardt

Pentecost: O Holy Spirit, Praise to You: Howard Helvey

Corpus Christi: Three Eucharistic Motets: ed. Richard Proulx

Ordinary: A Jubilant Psalm: Emily Crocker

NOTE: There’s not a Haugen, or a Haas, or a Talbot or a Joncas, or a Schutte among them!

4 thoughts on “MUSIC!

  1. We went to our regular parish church and we had to get The Morning Broken first thing. Later on we had to get the Peace Flowing. Bleh! It makes my head hurt. Literally!

    Your list sounds like real music. Praise God.

  2. Well, our entrance hymn at my parish this week was… something drekky… can’t remember what. And the choir did “Victory in Jesus” (yes, they did – it was a celebration of the old Our Lady of Victory Parish, the black parish laid down in 1963 – I think the choir director rather stretched the point) – and the Communion Hymn was “I Am The Bread of Life,” and the closing hymn was “How Great Thou Art.”

    I’m glad I get the chance, between Charlotte Diocesan events and the Master Chorale, to sing some REAL MUSIC from time to time. sigh.

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