Election 2008

Like it or not, and I generally not, it looks as if the ol’ grey mare is going to have to get involved with politics this year.

I’ll announce off the top that I’m going to vote for John McCain. I like the Libertarian candidate (checked out his profile on Project Vote Smart last night), but a vote for a minor party candidate will split the ticket so badly that Barack Obama will walk away with the nomination.

And we must not see Obama elected President of the U.S. in November.

Barack Obama is a very smooth rhetorician – a point frequently pointed out by those of my acquaintance who are embarrassed at President Bush’s frequent verbal crepitudes. But the meaning behind the rhetoric is frightening.

He is vocally, adamantly pro-abortion, not pro-choice, but pro-abort, and he has the vigorous endorsement of every pro-abort organization in the U.S. It has been a frighteningly brief leap from abortion on demand granted in 1973 with Roe v. Wade to physician-assisted suicide, euthenasia and terminal medication; I fear that an Obama regime (not, you note, administraton) will see the U.S. embarked on a course of ridding itself of unwanteds and “undesirables” – the disabled, retarded, elderly and infirm – reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s and early 1940s.

A blog noodling for another day: the bitter irony of a black man supporting a movement founded on the eugenics principles of an open, vocal racist.

His position on the economy is also frightening. Bad enough that the DNC-controlled Congress has thwarted President Bush for the past two years, allowing gas prices to more than double and the cost of nearly every other commodity in the marketplace to follow suit – If Obama and the DNC sweeps the national elections in November, Obama has promised to raise taxes and increase government spending on programs I feel we simply do not need.

After all, a Democracy not only allows citizens the privilege of governing themselves, but also the responsibility to take care of ourselves. When the Government becomes responsible for our needs, we become artificially dependent – witness high school students with no plans and no ambitions, having been raised on Welfare and intending to live on it – and the societal structure erodes … eventually collapses.

Obama would also make a horrible Commander-in-Chief. I fear for the future of this nation if a man who has made friendly overtures to the enemies of our nation – leaders of the radical Islamic world – should suddenly be installed as the head of our armed forces. We would be, effectually, handed over to our enemies, gift-wrapped.

More later. I’m pressing several of my politically-astute friends for help in increasing and improving my political education. I feel a grand passion developing – and will likely mouth off a bit more in the coming months.

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