Obama gets this one right

I’m pleased to be able to give Mr. Obama credit for calling on black men to own up to their responsibility as fathers. Only a black man of his visibility could get away with it, in the current climate.

I’m so tired and angry at hearing black kids at the local high school talking as if laziness, promiscuity, lack of self-control, low- or non-achievement were uniquely black cultural entitlements. On more than one occasion, I’ve cornered the kids by saying, “I hope you don’t mean what it sounds you just said – because it sounds as if you just said that black people are not capable of …” whatever it was they were talking about: making good grades, doing honest work, achieving moral integrity, or whatever.

Their reaction is amusing – they deny, vehemently… but then they think about it for a second or two… and then they re-direct their conversation in a more affirming tone. I hope it does some long-term good.

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