My letter to a Congressional candidate

I see from a link on that you are one of our candidates for Congress, come November. I’ve been working in another county and hearing about one particular race, which accounts for my being late in “meeting” you.

I want you to know that I will be voting for Howard Coble in the General Election.

I’ve become increasingly disinfranchised with the Democratic Party I grew up hearing revered by my father. Its support for liberal causes, like gay “rights,” offends me. I say that I contributed to the gay rights movement when I gave my ex-husband his marital freedom through divorce. That was more than enough for a lifetime.

I also disagree with the economy rhetoric. Interesting that, in the past two years, since the DNC controlled the House, and the US economy through its electoral powers, gas prices (and the costs of everything else, consequently) have more than doubled. I wrote of this incongruity to Mr. Kissell over in Biscoe, over the weekend… he has not replied to me.

Moreover, I’m concerned that the DNC is on a bandwagon opposing the war that they unanimously supported back on 9/11, 9/12, 9/13…. 2001 – for a damn good reason. President Bush warned this country that the war against Terror would be slow, difficult, and costly – and not a damned Democrat dared to argue with him in the passion-filled aftermath of 9/11. He was right; the DNC is wrong to have turn-coated. Shame on the DNC.

But most of all, I will not be voting for a Democratic candidate because the issue of Sanctity of Human Life is so vitally important that I have been a single-issue voter since 1976, when I was first eligible to vote. The DNC’s pro-
“choice” plank is so offensive to me that, were I to agree with you about the economy and the war, this one issue would be the deal-breaker.

All the nice talk about helping Americans with … everything we could possibly need? health care, tax relief (ha!) and all that other stuff – doesn’t mean a thing if you are going to say that the unborn are disposable property that can be “liquidated” (horrible choice of words for which I do not apologize) at will. Until America chooses to treat her most vulnerable citizens with respect, then all the other programs you can come up with are a lie.

Just wanted you to know how I – a voter, a blogger, and an outspoken citizen – feel about things.

Laura Lowder

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