Well! (blushing furiously)

There’s a fellow over at a website – rather outspoken chap – who has posted a very …. penetrating… commentary about Gay Pride marches.

Did I say “outspoken?” ummmm yes, I do believe I did. Doesn’t spare the language, that fellow – points out that only gays have to force their “private business” into everyone’s faces, reducing themselves to their “preferences” –

Points out that heterosexual people do not make political issues over what we do in our beds (or couches or floors or wherever we happen to… thingy … that we do not reduce ourselves to a genital identification in everything else we do…

It’s actually a very good post – and I have to confess I roared with laughter several times… but I am not going to post the link here lest someone think I’ve … contributed to lustful thoughts by male readers, or approved non-marital thingy amongst the ladies who read here….

but if you drop me an email, I might send you the link…

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