Dealing with Retail Outlets that court GLBT

I’m seriously thinking of writing to McDonald’s and Target and Replacements, Ltd. and other large businesses who are doing the pc thing of giving special recognition to the GLBT community and asking them a few questions:

I’d probably ask them if it’s really necessary to give special recognition to a group of people who identify themselves solely by their genital activity.

I’d probably point out that we teach toddlers not to play with themselves (not because their bodies are dirty but because it’s impolite, and besides, there are other important things to do with one’s hands).

I’d probably note the observation that “gay pride” is really a reversion to that infantile genital fixation.

I’d point out that the very term “sexual preference” connotes behavioral choice –

and I’d ask whether it was socially and psychologically healthy to make such a big deal about these choices.

And I’d let them know that I, as a Roman Catholic consumer, find the whole thing unhealthy for society as well as for the individual, and I’d offer to take my business elsewhere.

Of course, you realize, at the rate things are going, pretty soon we aren’t going to have any retail options open to us.

We really are in a spiritual war for souls, here.


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