I think, therefore I am…

utterly and completely boggled. and EXHAUSTED!

Schlogging along with Metaphysics, which I hope to finish in the next week to ten days… exhausting mess, sifting through all the hair-splitting vocabulary and corpulent egotism.

Descartes. sigh.

Sometimes drastic measures become absolutely necessary (Warning: language! – it is, after all, Python):

2 thoughts on “I think, therefore I am…

  1. Descartes?! La pauvre Laura! Je me rappelle bien a l’universitĂ©…. Voila un calin pour vous! ((((:-D)))))

    Votre amie en Irlande…..

  2. Did you know you were the 10,000th visitor to my blog!!!
    Congratulations, Sinead!!!
    Woot, woot!

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