Update: Nora!

Several wonderful things happening for my dear friend Nora – just want to share them with you all. I can do this because she is very outspoken about her problems being “hounded” by “The Black Dog.”

“Black Dog” is not only on “sit” and “STAY” – I think he’s been kennelled for a while! Nora says God has finally led her to her “Happy Pill.” This is something to be truly grateful for, because the dear gal has really suffered terribly.

BUT the REALLY GREAT NEWS: NORA IS A GRANDMA. Her Daughter out West somewhere (I’m not saying, although I know – there are SOME people’s privacy issues, right?) had an absolutely GORGEOUS baby boy over the weekend. He was almost 3 weeks early by dates, but he already weighted a bit over 7 lbs. (I wonder what his gestational testing revealed – was he at term, and they missed her dates? or was he on his way to being a big ol’ Bubba?)

Singing Te Deums for Nora –

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