Abortion thoughts –

I’m in a debate on one of the boards I frequent with a woman who’s very pro-choice and insists that she would abort if she became pregnant. She called the preborn child a parasite and compared it to a tapeworm.

Needless to say, I disagreed with her.

What might need to be said is that she and I are friends, so I feel a particular tenderness toward this woman, and a need to protect her from some of the other, even more passionate remarks, of some participants.

A parasite is another species which invades the body. A baby is the same species, created as the natural outcome of an important human activity: sex. The primary purpose of sex is to create new life.

So – there are a few things we need to think of, when we talk about abortion:

Is the unborn child alive? At what point does it become a human life? At “quickening?” at the point of viability? A few short years ago, viability was pretty late; now it’s possible to save babies born as early as 20 weeks. In a few years… who knows how early a wanted baby’s life can be saved?

And, who benefits from abortion? Certainly not the baby. Even the mother, who “chose” the procedure, suffers. If she didn’t, there wouldn’t be organizations like Feminists for Life, or Project Rachel.

Nope – the people MOST LIKELY to benefit from abortion are men. The men who don’t have to own responsibility for their sexual pleasures. The male-dominated OB-GYNs who perform the procedures; it’s a damned lucrative industry.

Women being exploited for the benefit of men.

And abortion promoted as a feminist “right.” Yeah, right. And donkeys fly.

Well Lady Check –

Well, Lady –
“Annual” women’s physical today, stirrups and all – only for me it had been a lot more than one year since I’d done the last.

Now that I’m fifty a few more tests get added to the mix. I’m scheduled sooner rather than later for a mammogram (more indignities to save my life) – and I have to have a fasting blood sugar, lipids and the works. Lots and lots of stuff for Old Ladies.

I’m just sitting here complaining, that’s all.

yuck, gross.

I had NO IDEA! Did you?

Did YOU know that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a REPUBLICAN???

Yep! He was!

Now that I think about it, though, it only makes sense. The Republican party was the party of Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation. The Republican party was the party of Reconstruction.

The Democratic Party grew strong in the South precisely because it opposed those laws and policies imposed on her, after the Civil War, by the Republicans.

George Wallace, governor of Alabama during King’s historic works and the nightmarish school desegregation imposed by Federal Law (I remember watching on CBS News when I was a child) was a Southern Democrat. The Democrats opposed, vehemently, desegregation and other Civil Rights legislation.

What else could King have been, but a Republican?

However, Obama and the Democratic party have made Dr. King their token figurehead as they seek to brainwash blacks and win their votes.

Do you think I’m going to be quiet about this little bit of information? Uh…. no.