From James re: recent desecration of the Eucharist

I receive an email from my friend James this morning, and I believe it’s well worth sharing (yes, I have his permission):

> I gather most of you have heard about PZ Myers of the
> University of Minnesota desecrating a consecrated host and
> posting a video on you tube – he placed a rusty nail (an
> instrument of the Crucifixion) through a consecrated host.
> What is most distressing is the volume and intensity of the
> blasphemy.
> While I know there is much discussion and thought about how
> to respond, I think the simplest and most urgent course of
> action is when there is persecution without, the bonds of
> unity and communion should be strengthened within.
> Tomorrow is a good opportunity to make reparation and heal
> the wounds of our Divine Saviour – it is Good Friday once
> again. In addition, I know that there is a call tomorrow
> for a Day of Reparation – spend an hour before the Blessed
> Sacrament and fast the entire day.
> And if family obligations and duties of life prevent
> participating in the First Friday Devotion perhaps recite
> the Chaplet of Adoration and Reparation.
> I recall meditating during the Chaplet at a First Friday
> devotion and thinking what is the sacrilege and what is the
> outrage – where is it and who is doing it? Well, today it
> is very concrete and obvious and it appears more pervasive
> then I ever imagined.
> I think the best course of action is increasing our
> devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and promotion of Real
> Presence. Perhaps the streets need to be filled with
> Eucharist Processions.
> God bless,
> James

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