Catholics and (shhhh…..) sex

It’s common knowledge the whole world over that Catholics are incredibly paranoid about sex. Sex is only for making babies, and all other elements of sexual activity are going to send you straight to Hell, do NOT pass “Go,” do NOT collect $200.

So – imagine my utter shock to learn that the Catholic Church sees sex in a truly poetic idealism, as something so profound and splendid that it staggers the imagination.

Okay – let’s get this out of the way first of all, shall we? There are THREE BASIC RULES about Catholic Sex:

1. Sex must be limited to marriage.
2. Sex must be “open to children.”
3. Sex must be engaged in with a spirit of respect – not only for one’s spouse, but also for the great Mystery of which sex is a part.

Beyond those three rules, I believe it is safe to say, Anything Goes.

Noodle on that for a while – I have a date with Descartes (pray for me!) –
I’ll be back to elaborate over the next couple of days.

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